Surfers, commentators and water patrol answer, "What scares you on the North Shore?" in the latest #TOURNOTES.

Introducing the Phantom JJF Elite: John John Florence’s first signature boardshort. Click ‘Full Story’ to learn more about the design process put into achieving the next evolution in boardshorts.

The Phantom Block Party Resin Men’s Boardshorts offer lightweight stretch in water-repellent fabric for performance in and out of the water. A resin drip print pays tribute to time spent in the glassing room.

Technical essentials for maximum comfort. Click 'Full Story' to explore the collection.

For sixty years, the Fender Stratocaster has reigned as the symbol of rock’n’roll. On October 24th, we celebrate this sonic monument at Hurley HQ. The Strat show will feature a collection of artists, musicians and influencers who’ve added their touch to these historical guitars. Twenty American-made, hand-painted Stratocaster guitars will be auctioned off to raise money for Waves For Water, which in turn will save lives through water-based initiatives.Click 'Full Story' for details about the show.

After a week of blistering performances, John John Florence clinched victory at the Quiksilver Pro France. See the gear that John John used on his way to winning here

Comment dit-on, "We love Hossegor" en français?

Featuring photographs from Clark Little, John John Florence and Jon Rose, the Athlete Photo Tees brings the travels and experiences of Hurley athletes and ambassadors to your closet. See the collection here

Punk rock and tattoo art go hand in hand, and Tokyo Hiro is one of the great connectors. Apprenticed under the great tattoo artist Bob Roberts, Tokyo Hiro has become synonymous with body art and music. HIs work spans the music world, from Bad Religion to The Casualties to Offspring. His traditional methods haven't changed, but his legend continues to evolve and grow. See the Tokyo Hiro Tee collection here.

Downtime calls for serious training. John John Florence takes you through his pre-heat shorebreak routine.