Costa Rica’s Carlos Munoz will be taking on the world’s best this September at the Hurley Pro. The Hurley Pro Trials started with an impressive field of sixteen of the world’s best surfers, all with one goal in mind: get a spot into the Hurley Pro. Despite impressive social media campaigns by many of the competitors, Carlos Munoz managed to rally a nation overnight, garnering a huge amount of votes and winning the coveted spot to this year’s Hurley Pro. Thank you to all the competitors for their entries, and to everyone who voted. See you at Lowers.

The final installment of Redbull Surfing's 'The Ripple Effect' gives you an inside look at how Bob Hurley broke out of the surf industry norm and realized his vision. Watch here

The first wildcard of the 2014 Hurley Pro has been decided. San Clemente’s Tanner Gudauskas took the win over a tough field of competitors at the Local Trials last Friday, using his local knowledge of the waves at Middles and navigating the tough conditions with ease. Click ‘Full Story’ for an update on the Hurley Pro Video Trials and deciding the second wildcard for this year’s Hurley Pro.

Time off doesn't mean time wasted. From Miguel Pupo bungie jumping off one of the world's highest bridges, Kolohe and Nat having the most competitive game of backgammon in history, safari tours and fun lay day waves, we'd say it was a pretty good stint in South Africa. Video: PK

 In Episode 21 of Walking the Floor, Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett talks with Conner Coffin about how his passions for both music and surfing. Listen to the interview here

In the latest Through the Lens, ambassador Rob Machado heads to Brasil to spend time with famed chef, and humanitarian, Alex Atala. From amazing food to the humbling experience of delivering water filters in the Jardim Gramacho slums, Rob and Alex explore how all humans are connected through water.

Come join us for the 3rd Annual Rob Machado Bro Junior at the Bro-Am tomorrow (7/12) at Moonlight Beach, Encinitas. Open to anybody 16 and under, we place a premium on the competitor having the most fun. Enter the event, compete on one of Rob Machado’s boards (you'll get an extra point on your best wave if you do, or you can use your own without the bonus point), and stick around for a live performance by Switchfoot. Click 'Full Story' for more info.

Our friends Life stopped by Hurley Recordings to perform a live session of "R U D W N" off their new EP, R U D W N. Short and sweet, the new EP is four tracks of funk bliss. See more from the band here, and be sure to grab the new EP when it debuts on June 18. 

This Friday, June 20 is International Surfing Day and we want you to celebrate with us by giving someone their first wave. Document the ride, share it with the tag #surfandenjoy and you could be featured on our channels. Click ‘Full Story’ to see details about ISD and events we’ll be putting on to help you give someone their first wave.

In celebration of the brand's 25th anniversary, Tribal Gear has teamed up with Hurley to create a unique cultural mash-up event where the street meets the beach. Called "LEGACY," the event will pay homage to California's traditions and pastimes. With the leadership of C.R. Stecyk III and Bobby Tribal, godfathers of surf/skate and lowrider culture, and the assistance of some of the automobile industry's biggest clubs – such as Viejitos, Majestics, Pegasus and The Imperials – Hurley and Tribal will showcase the world's finest lowriders, artists, photographers and entertainers. Click 'Full Story' for details.